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Materials 2019
Materials sector news, trends, resources and more.

December 2019
Adriatic Metals lists on the LSE as it finds more mineralisation including gold and silver | IG UK
Global X Lithium and Battery Tech ETF | Global X ETFs

November 2019
Sirius Minerals issues an update with a $600m price tag | IG UK
Mining stocks to watch as electric vehicle numbers rise | IG UK

October 2019
How to tell if a stock is undervalued or overvalued | IG UK
Pockets of ‘value’ in commodities markets | IG UK

September 2019
3 Growth Gold Stocks For 2020 | Just Mining Stocks

August 2019
Could this lithium battery be the solution for electric vehicles? | IG UK
Base metals prices are falling – where now? | IG UK

July 2019
Chesterfield Resources moving in on copper assets in Cyprus | IG UK
Uranium stocks to watch | IG UK

June 2019
An in depth look at the Global X Battery and Lithium ETF | Bit Media
Cornish Lithium receives UK government funding | IG UK
Are base metals set to rise? | IG UK
How to identify mining stocks worth following | IG UK

May 2019
Pure Gold Mining comes to London in a dual listing | IG UK
Bacanora Lithium takes on a cornerstone investor | IG UK

April 2019
Harvest Minerals targets uplift in sales | IG UK

March 2019
Where are the big opportunities in battery metals? | IG UK
Caledonia Mining keeps turning cash despite incentive scheme withdrawal | IG UK

February 2019
Mkango Resources to benefit from battery metal demand | IG UK

January 2019
Zinc to outperform base metals complex | Outlook 2019 | IG UK

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